Narcissist discard

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It should come as no surprise that sex addicts share a lot of personality traits with narcissists.

narcissist discard

After all, sex addicts seem to always be looking to satisfy their urges, regardless of how it affects others. While it might appear that their actions stem from an over-inflated ego, in reality, sex addicts can develop a narcissistic personality as a defense mechanism to combat overwhelming feelings of:. Through narcissism, sex addicts experience the freedom to act seemingly however they want without the deep sense of shame that goes along with it.

The study revealed that subjects who had watched internet pornography at any point in their lives showed higher instances of narcissistic personality traits. But, more importantly, both male and female subjects who watched internet pornography daily were more likely than every other group to have a narcissistic personality. Also, the more porn they watched, the more narcissistic they were likely to be. Moments of pleasure allow the narcissistic sex addict to regain a sense of control over his or her life by exerting emotional power over others.

Narcissists are also constantly looking for validation from others, and having someone agree to have sex with them fulfills this need.

While sex addiction alone can be difficult to treat, when you add narcissism into the mix, recovery becomes especially difficult.

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Narcissists may put on a persona of self-confidence and superiority, but under the surface resides a fragile ego and deep sense of inadequacy. People who score high on the measures of narcissistic personality traits also tend to display depressive tendencies.

narcissist discard

Once the narcissistic sex addict undergoes treatment, it is the job of the therapist to address these other, related issues, as the addict will be hesitant to bring them up on his or her own. In order to be successful, clinicians need to approach the patient with honesty, empathy and a non-judgmental attitude. Ultimately, the only way that the addict can achieve recovery is by acknowledging the condition and making an honest effort change his or her ways. Do you believe that all sex addicts are inherently narcissistic?

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Narcissists and psychopaths manufacture chaos to keep you focused on them and only them. They know they cannot sustain your interest in them long-term because they rely on a false mask to navigate the world.

Manufactured chaos allows malignant narcissists to keep you on the hamster wheel of trying to figure out their intentions and second-guessing yourself. They try to train you to question what you did wrong rather than holding them accountable for their actions.

5 Reasons We Discard You

They convince you that setting boundaries or expressing discomfort with their disturbing antics is the problem, rather than their problematic behavior. Here are five ways these manipulators manufacture chaos and passive-aggressively cause destruction, and tips on how to defend yourself against their manipulation and provocation:.

When you fall for it, narcissists and psychopaths go to great lengths to create circular conversations that go nowhere — they use these conversations as a space for their gaslighting, emotional invalidation, and projection.

When called out for their deplorable behavior, narcissists play the victim and lash out in narcissistic rage when you dare to confront them, however politely Goulston, In their warped reality, they are not at fault for making a demeaning comment or insulting you. Rather, you will be blamed for reacting to such a comment at all or protesting their mistreatment. These tactics also work to disarm you and exhaust you to the point where you are unable to fight back, defend yourself, or engage in self-care.

When you notice an escalating argument, stop in your tracks and withdraw from the conversation altogether even if you have to make up an excuse to do so. With a narcissist, you are not dealing with someone who will listen to reason. Know when to opt out. You are better off detaching and doing something to self-soothe, gain validation from people you trust like a counselor well-versed in emotional abuseor another form of self-care. Have you ever noticed that a narcissist or psychopath is usually overly negative and sullen right around the holidays, or around times where you should be celebrating, such as a birthday, the news of a promotion or career success?

This is no coincidence. These emotional predators despise holidays and special events because these take the attention off of them.

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They reveal contempt for such a celebration either through overt put-downs or even underhanded sabotage. According to Dr. Why do they do this? Because they have no empathy and cannot handle intimate relationships and are compelled to do what it takes to destroy them.

Find supportive friends and family members who you can enjoy your day with instead.

Narcissistic Rage: This Is What Happens When You ‘Discard’ An Abusive Narcissist First

Even spending a holiday alone is preferable than being with someone who will attempt to bully and demean you on a day that should be filled with joy.

This is a way to provoke you into reacting and vying for their affection. As Greene writes:. To draw your victims closer and make them hungry to possess you, you must create an aura of desirability—of being wanted and courted by many. It will become a point of vanity for them to be the preferred object of your attention, to win you away from a crowd of admirers. Build a reputation that precedes you: If many have succumbed to your charms there must be a reason.

When placed in a love triangle, opt out of the competition. You never have to compete for a person who is truly worthy of you.The war of cognitive dissonance is raging. But your intuition, your gut, they know the deal. Trust in yourself. Conquer your denial. Prepare your own sweet self. And that role is to provide supply. They need it in order to survive. And your purpose as they see it, is to hand it over on demand. It consists of three phases.

During idealisation you are groomed as a source of supply through a process of love bombing. It also serves the purpose of building your trust and programming you to handover supply on demand by incrementally removing your boundaries.

In doing so, the risk of losing you as a source of supply when you are introduced to devaluation is reduced. Precipitating the flip in how they treat you is the dual realisation that:. Needless to say, the latter is of greater significance to the narcissist than your flaws though they would have you think otherwise.

Why Did The Narcissist Discard You?

Devaluation is your punishment for this. For not adequately mirroring back their false-self with positive supply. And for as long as you continue handing over supply, your utility to the narc remains. Idealisation not so for the reasons detailed. And what of devaluation? You are a human being. You have free will.

narcissist discard

You have your own mind. You have your own needs. These are facts. You know it somewhere inside you, you do know this gorgeous one. The consequence of this is a process of escalation.

Covert Narcissist Discard: Does the covert narcissist grieve the loss of the relationship?

When you are no longer fulfilling the function allocated to you, you are discarded. Tossed aside. Cast off. No emotionally healthy communication.

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No sad, yet respectful parting.Does the covert narcissist miss you after no contact? Do they really care about losing you? Do they actually grieve the loss of the relationship?

Grieving is normal and healthy when it comes to the end of a relationship. Healthy grief allows you to heal the loss and move on with life. They seem to be hypersensitive, are riddled by anxiety, and in direct contrast to the overt narcissist, suffer from delusions of persecution. They really dig in and suck up that attention — also known as narcissistic supply. But this is one area where the covert narcissist really differs.

Anyone can become stuck in their own grief, seemingly locked into the past and unable to move forward in their lives. This is true for almost everyone outside of the grandiose narcissist. Covert narcissists, however, are a different story. On one hand, they are known to lack empathy and almost never demonstrate genuine remorse. But do narcissists grieve the loss of a relationship? Well, in some cases they do — but not in the same way as you or I would.

The difference here lies in what they believe they have lost. If there is any space between the end of your relationship with the narcissist and the beginning of the next one they get into, they will feel deep and painful grief, at least until they move on. Let me explain by telling you a story about a couple I recently helped get through their breakup in a series of coaching sessions. Ned had been in a three-year relationship with Emily when Emily decided to end the relationship.

Ned was devastated. In this relationship, like in his past relationships, Ned was a taker. While he seemed to always be trying to get love, we was clearly unable to give love or share love. Emily, an empath by nature, had grown up with an overtly narcissistic mother. So she tried hard to make the relationship work. She always assumed that she was the problem, and she would try to change herself to fix things. Emily gave as much as she could — but she often felt very lonely with Ned.

That was confusing to her, but she kept going, trying new ways to connect with him and make him understand her. She thought maybe if she tried harder, he would reciprocate.

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That was what normal people did, right? She would do everything she could to make him feel loved, special, important — she would listen to him intently when he talked about things that mattered to him, she learned to watch basketball of which Ned was a superfan and she even joined his bowling team. But when Emily would try to talk about anything she cared about, Ned would cut her off, tell her he was bored, and quickly direct the conversation back to himself and his own interests.They are like hamburgers or tissues.

I need them for what they do for me, not because I like them for themselves. Here are some common types and how they react after they have discarded someone. When they become disenchanted with one person in the group, they immediately move on to the next. Eventually, everyone disappoints them and the first person starts to look appealing again, and they reach out to her again for connection.

Recyclers tend to value familiarity. They become nostalgic about person A, when they become angered or disappointed with person B or C. They will likely cycle among the same group of people until someone moves away or dies. In them, the two of you are the very picture of perfect love. In fact there are likely to be many pictures of the two of you posted on whatever internet sites they frequent because it is so important to narcissists that everyone sees you as the perfect couple.

Romantic narcissists may even plan a wedding with you and encourage you to start thinking of names for your children. But…after a while the novelty of enacting the loving couple wears off and they lack the ability to stay emotionally connected to you once things are less than perfect.

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One man told me that he lost interest immediately after sex. Another said that he could not sustain a relationship for more than two weeks. They love the excitement of the chase, not the actual relationship. You will rarely see them again unless they find themselves up late one night, bored and horny. Then suddenly you will find a text from the guy on your phone. He will try and draw you back into a relationship that lasts until he feels satisfied or the sun comes up, whichever event occurs first.

Their personal history is full of splits with people whom they now hate and refuse to talk to, often over events that they have mostly forgotten. The details are vague, all they remember is that they want you to suffer. And that is exactly what they imagine is happening in their absence. They get more narcissistic supplies for their shaky self-esteem by cutting you off totally, than they ever get in a real relationship.

Often this is a family pattern: their mother has a sister she has not spoken to in twenty years and their brother and sister hate each other as well. Holiday dinners are very small and not very cheerful. As you can see from the above, many narcissists are quite willing to come back for as long as it suits their needs, while remaining oblivious to yours.

All you have to do is never answer any of their texts or phone calls or respond in any way to their attempts to entice you back to serve their needs.

The ball is in your court once they contact you. You get to decide what to do, not them. If they are bored and lonely too, they will answer and the whole thing will start again and end in exactly the same painful way as before.

Ask a question, get a great answer. Learn from experts and get insider knowledge. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.The seduction is mesmerising and as part of its allure we of course tell you why we chose you with a thousand different sensual sentences.

Some may seem over-the-top; others make sense to you but either way you are given the basis of understanding why we have been drawn to you. We do not tell you the real reasons why we chose you but we do provide you with some. The devaluation is tortuous, horrific and unpleasant.

You are unable to ascertain why we have suddenly knocked you from your pedestal. It is bewildering and confusing and only serves to add to your pain. You may have some reasons hurled at you but they will not make any sense to you and this is by design, to keep you confused and where we want you. Reasons are given, they just do not make sense. Then comes the discard and more often than not you are left sprawled in the dust, exhausted, bereft and shattered with no explanation given as to why you have been thrown to one side as we stroll off into the sunset walking away nonchalantly.

Why has it ended so suddenly? What did you do wrong?

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Why have we not told you why this has happened? The pain of being rejected is magnified by the failure to provide you with any explanation. Naturally, this refusal to explain is part of our design. We feel no need to explain because we can do as we want. We feel no need to give reasons because in our eyes you deserve no reasons because you have failed us. We offer no information for you to consider and process because certainly amongst the lesser of our kind they do not know themselves why is has ended, but it had to.

Narcissistic Final Discard

This is the way it has to be. There are however reasons why you are discarded. These are those reasons. You have worked out, usually as a consequence of some external assistance that we must provoke you and make you react in an emotional fashion. You may not entirely understand why this dynamic occurs, you may not realise why it is so important to us, but you know that we want to make you react and you have stopped doing so.

You have learned to respond in a neutral fashion and thus deprive us of our fuel. We apply our machinations in a harsher fashion, increasing the pressure to cause you to react as we feed on our secondary sources in the meanwhile but your resistance is substantial. You have not walked away, perhaps you are unable for financial reasons, children or the inconvenience of seeking a new home, but you have turned off the tap and we realise that it is not going to be turned back on anytime soon.

We do not want to be in this weakened state and we do not wish to apply the energy we need to finding or embedding a new primary source to be used up on trying to squeeze fuel from you. Thus you are dropped. We began our devaluation of you as we sought a replacement for you. This explains the repeated affairs and now we have settled on your replacement as a primary source of fuel. He or she has been seduced and embedded into our supply chain. We are confident that they are functioning well, pouring forth delicious positive fuel in significant quantities and in a reliable manner, far better than you ever did.

We have been fuelled by your negative fuel but there is no longer any need to keep you in play now that we have our new bright and shiny plaything. On to the scrap heap you go.Discarding for narcissists refers to the abrupt end of a relationship, whether romantic or social, after a phase of ideation and devaluation.

The narcissist will simply ignore or avoid the discarded individual until or unless he or she finds some new value that the discarded person can provide. In other words, once the narcissist has become bored or tired of you, he or she will play a series of mental and emotional games with you before just simply walking away.

Narcissistic individuals are typically driven by their own desires and needs, giving little cause for concern for others in their social or personal lives. A narcissist will take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself to them. If they see an opportunity to use you to achieve an increase or boost to their professional career, social status, financial gain, or even just their self-esteem, they will often lure you in with a charming personality before slowly and surely draining your energy like a slow-leaking faucet.

However, once you no longer provide this benefit to them, it is not uncommon for the narcissist to simply discard you like a piece of used tissue paper. In romantic relationships, the expectations from the narcissist can be infinite and exhausting for the romantic partner. However, when reality sets in and, like all relationships, the new wears off to reveal the minor dents and dings in their romantic partner, the narcissist will feel betrayed.

They will convince themselves that you lied to them or misrepresented who you were to gain access to their supposed superiority. This sparks the narcissist to engage in the games of devaluation or breaking their partner down.

This can include emotional warfare where the narcissist will use their knowledge of your own fears, hopes, dreams, and insecurities to destroy your confidence and self-esteem. Another popular tactic is gaslighting. However, before long, the narcissist has grown bored of this game like a spoiled child, and simply walks away from the relationship. Trying to pinpoint when a narcissist will discard someone from their life can be difficult.

However, there are three signs to determining if a narcissist is on the verge of a social discard. Unfortunately, there is no steadfast rule for helping a narcissist to overcome their behaviors and tendencies, despite how much you may love or care for them. Therapy options can help them to recognize their own behaviors and avoid them, but the narcissist must be aware and willing to seek out professional treatment for their disorder.

Discarding can become a repetitive cycle for those involved with a narcissist. They are charming, manipulative, and very convincing. When you have been discarded by a narcissist, they may try to weasel their way back into your life by claiming they have changed or that they see things clearly now.

However, it is up to you to decide if you want to jump back into the whirlwind of chaos and insatiable need that surrounds the narcissist. However, it is important to remember that most often narcissistic behaviors have nothing to do with anyone but the narcissists themselves.

They are motivated by an almost primal need for the gratification of their own needs and will seek all means necessary to achieve this satisfaction, regardless of who they hurt in their wake. If you are experiencing depression or anger as a result of being discarded, there are a number of therapy services and professionals who can help you to mitigate this pain and move forward with skills to avoiding future scenarios like this.

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View Post. Narcissism has become such a frequently-used word in mainstream culture that it has taken on a life of its own. Individuals living with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are known to have many commonalities, such as an inflated sense of self or believing that they are deserving or entitled to the best….

In any romantic relationship, there can be times when your partner seems to be a little selfish, self-absorbed or full of themselves.