Nybba brim history

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By Selim Algar. After a five-month-long surveillance operation, police raided five homes associated with the gang in the Wyandanch area last week. Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said that the group actively recruits among youth in the Wyandanch area and controls much of the crack market there. Guest, Spota said, was considered the leader of the Brims in Wyandanch.

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Brims and in the early s they developed a reputation as a group that did not fear the early Crips of the Westside and Eastside. From the very early days of the Crips the LA Brims have always rejected joining the LA Brims and because of that, they are one of the first gangs to have violent conflict with the Crips leading to the murder of Lil Country by a Crip member. According to court records, Moore had just committed a shooting against a Rollin 60s member while LAPD members were near by in an undercover blue Iroc Camero.

They followed Moore into the gas station where he open fired on the blue Camero, killing Pratt. There was no evidence that Moore knew they were LAPD officers and he was sentenced to life in prison instead of the death penalty. Part 2.

nybba brim history

Rip Q-tip. Hat Boy im strivin to put our Hats 2gether. Bark at me dog from ga. Athenz been 62 Brim back n much luv wezt koazt for diz Damu breed. For more information contact me on my e-mail heavenhi99 yahoo. Kb62 say damu ur fam down south 2 get up on sum litt. Bark ur fam. Eddie Watts R. Brims was strong back then. I have no patience for stuff like that today. You can text me at my email address if you ever see this again. Nice hearing from you.

Hay lady B do you remember me TEE l stayed next door to the girls on gage i lived on Raymond jackie and i use to bang back than with Terry and papa if you are the right Brenda i think you use to live on the other side of Vermont from us we has some fun a few times if i got the wrong lady B am so sorry that was or 72,73 i joined the army in thay also called me curly top there back yard face my house anyways much love and 62 BRIMS FOR LIFE.

Hey Tee, yes I think I do remember you. That fine young man with the straight hair, tall handsome. Yes, I do recall a few lil fun things going down during them days. I happy you did something positive with your life and I know now, you had a praying mother. I can be contacted at ladyLAbrim gmail. And trust me.Remember Me. Forgot your login?

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nybba brim history

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Brims 3. Miller Gangstas 4. Mad Swans 5.

nybba brim history

Rollin 20'z 6. Bounty Hunters 7. Kold Stone Villians 8. Sky-Line Piru Bloods Vanness Blood G's Seattles Bloods Detroit G's Atlanta Blood G's Chicago Blood G's North Carolina Blood G's South Carolina Blood G's GKB 2. Valentine 5. Mad dog 6.

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Blood stone Gangstas 7. This oath shall kill me. If my word should ever be spoken Un true, Should I betray the chosen few, this oath shall Kill me. If I ever lack in discipline in the time to strike, Should I refuse when its time to fight, This oath shall kill me.

Should I be slow to take a stand ,or show Fear to any man ,This Oath shall kill me. All Rights Reserved.Why don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone? If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

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Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Organized Crime. What does Brim stand for in the Brim Blood gang? Wiki User Asked in Organized Crime How old is the brim blood gang? Anyone who calls themselves "the brim blood gang" couldn't be a day older than Asked in Gangs and Gangsters What does the blood gang stand for? Blood gang ,you stupid? Asked in Organized Crime What does the gang brim stand for?

They call themselves ''Brims'' because back in the day they didn't wear any colors, they would just wear hats aka ''brims'' to show their gang affiliation, so the name just stuck.

Asked in Gangs and Gangsters What gangs are in Cali? Asked in Relationships, Gangs and Gangsters What does blood stand for in the blood gang? Asked in Gangs and Gangsters What is does 5 point crown stand 4 in the blood gang? Depinds on the gang but in most gangs they are rankings. Asked in Gangs and Gangsters What gangs are in Houston? Asked in Gangs and Gangsters Is rapper Parlae in a gang? I think he claims to be Fruit Town Brim. Parlae Escobar is a Fruit Town Brim.

Crips use the term ''What's Craccin''. Slim Dunkin was a member of the Jurassic Park Piru gang, and Kebo Gotti is a member of the Hit Squad Brim gang, so when they had their little fight with each other or whatever, that kinda was a small spark between the two gangs. Fruit Town Brim Brims gang -affiliated with the Bloods gang. Harvard Park Brim Brims gang -affiliated with the Bloods gang.

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Fruit Town Piru Piru gang -affiliated with the Bloods gang. Asked in Gangs and Gangsters What gang is Ryan in? Snake gang is a blood set imma a blood.

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Asked in Human Anatomy and Physiology What is the blood? Asked in Gangs and Gangsters What gangs are the largest in every race? Asked in Gangs and Gangsters, Mafia What gang is luke locklear in? Snake gang blood gang suwoo park life or no life. Trinitarios wear lime green -Dominican street gang. Trending Questions.In California gangs are a way of life and LA is gangbanger ground zero.

nybba brim history

The Crips, Surenos, Nortenos, Eighty-Eights and Bloods all hold court in the streets, they all perpetrate in some form or fashion. The ideology has transgressed ethnic, racial and geographical boundaries. Gangbanging exists in the hood, the suburbs and even rural areas all over America. Gangs have become a trend and the gang mentality is accepted in popular culture and society as a whole to a large degree.

Gorilla Convict decided to get the and take a closer look at the Bloods and in particular the Rolling 20 Neighborhood Bloods, one of the largest blood clicks in LA today. Legend has it that the Bloods started in the summer of when a member of the LA Brims, a westside independent gang was shot and killed by a Crip member after a confrontation. Before the ensuing rumble a meeting was called on Piru Street in Compton where the 4 non-crip gangs met and metamorphosed into the Bloods.

To distinguish themselves from the Crips and their traditional blue bandanas the newly form Bloods decided to fly red rags and so the war of colors was launched.

The warfare has raged on unabated. Bloods aimed to be known as Crip Killers but recently the state of the war has changed as more and more Crips and Bloods have been fighting a more common enemy. And this racial war has turned vicious.

Because we are Don Diva we go right to the source for our interviews.

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Wright aka Loko, age 38, who is serving time for a Beverly Hills jewelry store robbery. We spoke to Loko about set life, what being a blood is all about and what the current climate in LA is concerning gang warfare. For many, many years I sustained that wanna-be status, amongst that rank and file who mostly stood on the side lines, jocking the gangsters shadows and presence. Until finally, I crossed that threshold of no return inblindly committing myself into that cesspool of violence, death and destruction.

I would have to say yes. That was then, but as the drama intensified across the city with all the gangs vying to be dominate over the next, me and my homies committed ourselves neck deep into that which was taking the city by storm — The era of the drive-by shooters.

From the first inception into the Neighborhood Bloods as a member I soon learned that crime was an intricate part of the gang-bangers persona. Committing a criminal act for the gang-banger was no different than eating, sleeping and breathing.The gang initially sold various narcotics including heroincrack cocaine and PCP throughout Harlem.

The gang has operated in the U. It has allegedly been engaged in the sex trafficking of women and racketeering in VirginiaNew YorkNorth CarolinaBaltimoreNew Jersey and other areas. The gang has been investigated by the U. In Julyapproximately 60 members of the gang were arrested as an outcome of a significant police operation called "Operation Nine Connect".

In JuneRobert "Snoop" Christie pleaded guilty to a weapons charge in a plea bargain. This conviction received a five-year prison sentence, which was added on to an eight-year sentence Christie was already serving for a previous weapon and drug conviction.

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In Marcheight alleged gang members and associates appeared in federal court facing charges based on a "major crack cocaine investigation". In Februarythe U. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia announced that following a trial that began on February 11,three members of the gang, including Thaddaeus Snow, were convicted by a federal jury for racketeering, robbery, cocaine distribution, sex trafficking and firearms-related offenses.

In Septemberfour members of the Nine Trey Gangsters were indicted for their alleged involvement in 10 shootings that left 5 dead during December in Norfolk, Virginia. In Novemberrapper 6ix9ine birth name Daniel Hernandez and four members of the Nine Trey Gangsters were arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Homeland Security Investigations unit along with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosivesand charged with racketeering related to operating a criminal enterprise, conspiracy to murder, robbery, extortion, and drug distribution.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further information: Trial of Nine Trey Gangsters. Retrieved Accessed May 17, Retrieved 14 January Encyclopedia of Prisons and Correctional Facilities. Barratt, Robin The Mammoth Book of Hard Bastards. Little, Brown Book Group.

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Holy Fire Publishing. The Commission. If convicted of the charges, the defendant faces up to 20 years in prison. Richmond Times-Dispatch. Fairfax News.Geoffrey S. The convictions followed a five-week trial before the Honorable Paul G.

Attorney Geoffrey S. They now stand convicted of their crimes, and will no longer be able to inflict harm on the people of this city. BHB was a criminal enterprise that operated principally in the greater New York area, from to The BHB used a hierarchical structure that was organized, in part, by geography, including New York City, and that was maintained, in part, through the payment of dues.

Other leadership positions included, among others, treasurers who collected dues from members of a particular pedigree, and individuals who performed security and disciplinary functions for the pedigree. Some of the meetings were among members of a particular pedigree, and other meetings were for all members of the Enterprise. Word of the meetings was disseminated via text message, word-of-mouth, and flyers.

The BHB maintained its own rules and constitution that new members were required to learn. Members of the BHB also used code words and secret phrases to communicate with each other both while in prison and on the street in order to avoid detection by law enforcement. Members and associates of the BHB engaged in multiple acts of violence against rival gangs.

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These acts of violence also included assaults and attempted murders against members and associates of the BHB itself, as part of internal power struggles within the Gang. A chart providing more information regarding the charges and potential penalties is set forth below. The statutory penalties are prescribed by Congress and are provided here for informational purposes only, as any sentencing of the defendant would be determined by the judge.

You are here U. Department of Justice. Thursday, March 28, Topic s :. Component s :. Press Release Number:.